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From the first consultation to the final result and beyond, our landscape team will create backyard luxury like you’ve never imagined before.

green oasis At Green Oasis, we specialize in award-winning landscape designs and lawn care for superior outdoor living. Not only do we offer top-tier pest control solutions, but our team also excels in outdoor carpentry and lighting, enabling elegance and functionality to blend seamlessly in your outdoors. Secure the ultimate living experience with our one-stop landscaping solutions today!

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Professional Landscape Design

Our design staff is dedicated to producing creative and functional landscapes to complement your lifestyle and budget. We listen to your ideas and develop your visions into unique and innovative outdoor spaces. From the first consultation to the final walkthrough, your experience will be rewarding and unforgettable. Start your landscape design today!

No more blueprints, diagrams, and pencil sketches. Green Oasis’s experienced and talented landscape designers can leverage the power of 3D computer design technology to render life-like imagery of what your landscape will look like. Whether it’s a planting bed, retaining wall, patio, pergola, or a fire feature, we will bring your landscape vision to life and show you your new oasis before breaking ground.

Experience the transformation of your outdoors with Green Oasis. View a before and after image depicting our meticulous home improvements; it's not just lawn care and landscaping but a holistic approach to your outdoor space. Observe how we've designed an accessibility upgrade by installing an elegant black spiral staircase connecting the ground patio to an upper deck. This illustrates how our expertise extends from pest control, ensuring your garden remains pristine, to skilled outdoor carpentry work that beautifies your exterior living area. Our services don’t stop there, we also optimally place outdoor lighting for enhanced nighttime aesthetics and safety. At Green Oasis, we redefine the beauty of exterior spaces while prioritizing functionality and quality.

Before and After

Unleash the potential of your outdoor spaces with Green Oasis, where raw beginnings evolve into breathtaking landscapes. Check out some before and after photos of our previous projects.

Plantings & Gardens

The use of perennials, shrubs, and trees will add beauty and value to any landscaping project. Low maintenance mulch and/or rock beds are the perfect home for a low maintenance collection of plantings. Come see what our certified horticulturists and design team can provide for you.

  • Perennials
  • Shrubs
  • Trees
  • Rock & Mulch Beds
  • Edging & Borders
  • Decorative Boulder Outcroppings
  • Draining Systems
green oasis Welcome to Green Oasis, your top choice for expert lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry, and outdoor lighting services. We specialize in transforming your outdoor spaces into a lush paradise. Our expertise ranges from maintaining the health and beauty of front yards complete with decorative rocks and a variety of vibrant plants for two-story homes to creating an inviting aesthetic for covered porches. As professionals in landscaping tasks big or small, we're committed to ensuring that your living spaces truly become a Green Oasis.
Green Oasis specializes in crafting inviting outdoor living spaces, beautifully adorned with elegant landscaping designs and comfortable outdoor carpentry like wicker furniture. Our lawn care experts ensure a pristine, green oasis for utmost relaxation and entertainment. We take pride in our advanced pest control measures keeping your outdoor space bug-free while our modern ceiling fans and innovative outdoor lighting sets the mood for leisure. Enjoy your favorite show on a screen mounted seamlessly by our team to complete the perfect backyard setting.

Patios & Walkways

Unique and elegant designs combined with cutting edge installation techniques are the perfect combination for any outdoor patio, walkway, or driveway. Exceeding industry standards is business as usual for our installation teams. Let our experts show you why our customers keep coming back and refer us to their friends and family.

  • Concrete Paver Stones
  • Natural Stone
  • Permeable Paver Systems
  • Built-in Fire Pits & Fire Places
  • Built-in Pergolas
  • Built-in Sitting Walls & Pillars
  • Clay Brick

Retaining Walls

From the smallest sitting wall to the largest retaining wall, our structures are built to last a lifetime. Dozens of unique material options, give our clients a new perspective on what a wall can look like. Mirroring our company’s core values, our walls have a solid base and will hold form for decades.

  • Segmental Concrete Block
  • Fieldstone & Limestone Boulders
  • Gabion Walls
  • Freestanding Walls
  • Garden Planter Walls
  • Sitting Walls
  • Stairways
  • Built-in Lighting
  • Drainage Systems
Experience the tranquility of a lush green lawn against a beautiful blue sky, surrounded by vibrant flowers nested in our professionally installed stone retaining wall at Green Oasis. Our expert landscaping team integrates effective pest control measures to ensure your space remains pristine. We combine advanced outdoor carpentry techniques with stunning outdoor lighting to highlight your peaceful haven. Escape into your own backyard paradise with the comprehensive lawn care provided by Green Oasis.
Green Oasis provides expert landscaping services, including custom outdoor carpentry and innovative outdoor lighting solutions, to transform your residential space into a beautifully lit haven. Relax under the clear sky by one of our square gas fire pits with a vibrant flame set on a carefully-crafted stone patio. Not only this, the low-stone walls built around provide an elite touch to your surroundings. Further protecting your green oasis, we offer quality lawn care services and effective pest control measures ensuring that your outdoor retreat stays pristine just as you desire it.

Fire Pits & Fire Places

There is nothing quite like enjoying an evening outdoors with friends and family during the summertime in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Adding an elegant fireplace to your outdoor living space will add ambiance and function. Built to last the test of time, our professionally designed and installed fire pit is sure to be a welcome addition to your landscape.

  • Built-In Fire Pits
  • Gas Fireplaces
  • Wood Burning Fireplaces
  • Built-In Cooking Grates
  • Custom Fire Pit Surrounds
  • Fire Features
  • Fire & Water Features

Outdoor Living Spaces

Fully enjoy Wisconsin and Minnesota’s wonderful summertime weather with a functional outdoor living space. From quaint sitting patios to full-fledged outdoor kitchens, our expert design & installation teams can provide you with the space of your dreams.

  • Grill Surrounds
  • Refrigerators
  • Custom Bar Tops
  • Gas Grill Inserts
  • Outdoor Counter Spaces
  • Built-In Seating
  • Pergolas & Shade Structures
  • Covered Patios
Experience the tranquility of your outdoor space with Green Oasis. We specialize in creating lush landscaping, including verdant greenery suitable for a relaxing dining area. Enjoy sunny days in comfort with our outdoor carpentry services offering expertly crafted wooden tables and chairs under a skillfully built covered patio. Our installations incorporate effective pest control measures to safeguard your leisure time, ensuring no unwelcome visitors disrupt your peace. Enhance the ambiance with our outdoor lighting solutions that include efficient ceiling fans for cooling as well. Choose Green Oasis for all-inclusive lawn care and enjoy an optimal quality of life outdoors.
Experience the tranquil ambience of an immaculately landscaped backyard, expertly serviced by Green Oasis, your premium provider for lawn care and pest control. Revel under the glow of our professionally installed outdoor lighting on your patio that transforms even simple gatherings into lavish outdoor events. Sit back, and enjoy a warm fire pit nestled amidst an assortment of well-crafted outdoor carpentry that offers comfortable seating options. Surrounded by a perfectly manicured lawn and mature trees, your backyard will truly be a green oasis at dusk thanks to our comprehensive landscaping services.

Outdoor Lighting

Show off your home and landscape well into the night with an energy-efficient lighting system. While adding aesthetic beauty to virtually all aspects of your home and landscape, our systems also add elements of safety and security. Utilizing LED bulb technology, our expert design & installation teams provide the most efficient and long-term lighting solutions available.

  • Up Lighting
  • Path Lighting
  • Wall Washer Lights
  • Tree Lighting
  • Accent Lighting
  • Step Lighting
  • Specialty Applications
  • Energy Efficient LED Systems
  • Lifetime Warranty

Water Features

The look and sound of water can stimulate the senses and make an outdoor living space come alive. While the finished product is natural and serene, the installation of these features takes an expert. Let us show you how unique and wonderful a water feature can be.

  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Pond-less Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Built-in Water Features
  • Fire & Water Features
Experience a serene outdoor oasis brought to you by Green Oasis, experts in landscaping and lawn care. Our backdrop of lush greenery and trees showcases our top-tier lawn care services. A stunning water fountain, an example of our expert outdoor carpentry, is crafted from vertically arranged wooden logs nestled amidst a carefully landscaped bed of pebbles. Surrounded by quality pest control that keeps your space pristine and well-lit by strategically placed outdoor lighting fixtures for unforgettable nighttime ambience. Trust Green Oasis to create your perfect outdoor sanctuary.
green oasis Green Oasis offers top-tier lawn care, pest control, outdoor carpentry, outdoor lighting, and landscaping to bring out the charm of your two-story house. Nestled within lush greenery maintained by our professional landscaping services, your home will glisten with a red roof and stone chimney that are simply breathtaking. Enhance the appeal of your spacious cobblestone driveway with strategic outdoor lighting solutions from Green Oasis. Keep your inviting entrance looking pristine and welcome guests into an oasis free of common pests through our efficient pest control services. Trust Green Oasis to optimize your outdoor spaces - from lawn care to carpentry needs.

Paver Driveways

A custom paver driveway is proven to stand the test of time and offer unmatched curb appeal. The incredible lifespan of a paver driveway makes it a long-term, cost-effective choice when compared to traditional concrete & asphalt installations.

Pavers offer a unique and infinitely customizable appearance that can blend the durability & uniformity of modern materials and installation procedures with an artesian aesthetic. The flexibility of an interlocking paving system allows the surface to adapt to changing temperatures and are water permeable. The individual pavers are easily replaceable, making repairs easy.

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