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Green Oasis Is The Best Lawn Care Provider In Eau Claire, WI

The Green Oasis Lawn Care Program VS TruGreen

If you are looking to improve your lawn, a good place to start is setting up regular weed control and fertilizer treatments. At Green Oasis, we provide an affordable 5 step lawn care program that will set you up for success.

Green Oasis is a local service provider that has been in the lawn care industry for over 45 years! Our main office is in Eau Claire, WI with branches in River Falls, Woodbury, and Rice Lake. We support the community by employing local lawn care experts with competitive wages and benefits. When you call our customer care center, you speak to local individuals that are familiar with local weather conditions, local soil composition, and community needs that have worked with us for years and can answer all your questions! At TruGreen, they are a national company based out of Tennessee that outsources their customer service, making them hard to reach and unknowledgeable about the local conditions. With over 300 different locations, it's easy for the customers to be forgotten about. At Green Oasis, we value our customers and take the time to check in on how our services are performing.

At Green Oasis, you can choose up to 5 rounds of weed control and fertilizer applications. These applications are spaced for maximum impact and season long coverage. We offer a hotter, longer lasting product. At TruGreen, they have a 6 step program. The price of each individual application might be a little bit cheaper than what we offer at Green Oasis, but we save you money by getting it done with one less visit and better results. Did we mention that all of our services are also guaranteed? This means that any customer with 3 or more lawn care applications receives free service calls! If you don't see the results we promise after 7-10 days while following our recommendations, you can give us a call and we will come retreat your lawn at no extra cost to you!

At Green Oasis, we want to set you up for success! With each visit to your home, we check the health of your lawn. Our technicians are trained to look for things like compacted soil, grub damage, un-optimized pH, and so much more. These notes are then sent to you in an After Service Email. You can contact us for more detailed instructions on how to treat your lawn for those conditions, or DIY it. If you would like in in-depth analysis on your lawn and to meet with one of our professionals for a personalized treatment plan, we offer free Lawn Evaluations! We set all of our new customers up with a preliminary lawn evaluation so we can treat the cause of any lawn damage, not just manage the symptoms. Lawns are always changing, so we recommend scheduling a full lawn evaluation every few years to make sure your lawn is staying healthy. As your service provider, we want to see your lawn improve and share our decades of experience with you!

If you are interested in getting the best lawn on the block, give us a call at 715-832-0800 to sign up for services and learn about our current offers, or visit to get your free online estimate!

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