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Everything You Need To Know About Moles & Voles

Everything You need to know about moles & Voles

A healthy lawn often draws in unwanted visitors, such as moles and voles. Despite their similar names, they are incredibly different. Here is a guide to identifying moles and voles.

Mole: A small mammal with a long snout and small eyes suited for living underground. They prey on insects, like grubs, that are found in the soil. In their search for food, they leave mounds of dirt where they dig. They tend to be found in areas with grub heavy soil. Because of this, a grub treatment can help deter moles from moving in. To get ahead of the population, we recommend starting off on a bait program to reduce their current populations and then move to a prevention plan like grub control for your lawn.

Vole: A small, mouse-like critter that burrows underground. They eat a variety of vegetation, including roots. When food is scarce in the winter, they tunnel under your lawn to eat your grass' roots. A healthy lawn with a good root system can be a target for voles because of this. Vole damage is most often observed in the spring once the snow melts. They leave uprooted grass in a tunnel formation across your lawn, almost resembling and often mistaken for erosion lines or a lawn fungus. Voles reproduce rapidly and long term, consistent control is the key to preventing damage from this pest. We also recommend any neighboring properties to set up a treatment plan to reduce populations in a larger radius to prevent more voles from moving in.

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