Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Services

Maintain your Oasis with regular visits

With 300+ years of combined experience, the lawn care experts at Green Oasis know the best practices to ensure you have the best-looking lawn on the block. Whether it’s mowing, landscape maintenance, fertilizer & weed control, or aeration & overseeding, we offer complete lawn care services to keep your yard lush, green, and the envy of your neighborhood all season long.

A Green Oasis professional, dressed in their signature green uniform, expertly provides comprehensive lawn care by diligently spraying plants in a stunning landscaped paradise. Offering precise pest control, innovative outdoor carpentry solutions and efficient outdoor lighting services to create a reliable sanctuary for your outdoor living space.

Shrub Bed Treatment Program

The weed control doesn’t just stop in the lawn, Green Oasis provides a shrub bed maintenance and treatment program that is designed to help with the prevention of weeds in landscape beds. Enhance the curb appeal of your landscape around your home or business and keep the weeds under control with consistent visits throughout the season.

Shrub Pruning


Our expert technicians will make sure that your shrubs are being pruned the right way at the right time whether it’s spring or fall. Pruning takes equal parts of science and art to ensure your plants remain healthy while looking great. We will take great care to remove the proper amounts of growth to promote blooming, improve fruiting and make the plants more resistant to disease and insect infestations. Whether out of necessity or for aesthetic purposes, pruning is an essential part of landscape maintenance.

green oasis A professional from Green Oasis, clad in sun-safety gear and a vibrant green uniform, expertly utilizing cutting-edge lawn care equipment to manicure a shrub in the bright sunlight. His expertise shines in providing top-notch landscaping, pest control services, outdoor carpentry work, and installing radiant outdoor lighting solutions.
Green Oasis expertly performs lawn care services using professional leaf blowers to clear the unsightly fallen autumn leaves, leaving your lush green grass looking its best. Utilizing diligent pest control measures, our team ensures your outdoor spaces are free from intrusive pests. Our highly skilled outdoor carpentry services can add a polished aesthetic touch while our cost-effective and energy-efficient outdoor lighting solutions enhance the beauty of your landscape even at night. Trust Green Oasis for all-inclusive landscaping solutions.

Spring Cleanup

Our clean-up service features a spring-tooth raking to lightly de-thatch the yard and create a space for fresh growth. We will clean the leaves and debris from your landscape beds per your request. Perennial plant care and pruning can be added to the clean-up service. Debris disposal can also be included on request.

Fall Cleanup

The Green Oasis crew will remove leaves from the lawn area as well as from all landscape areas. Perennial plant care and pruning can be added on request. Multiple visits can be scheduled to keep things looking beautiful throughout the Autumn months in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Debris removal can be included on request.

green oasis Experience the serene landscape crafted by Green Oasis, where sun-kissed lawns are meticulously maintained and adorned with colors of fall. We ensure optimal lawn care alongside outdoor carpentry to enhance your green spaces. Our integrated pest control methods promote a healthy ecosystem, whilst our outdoor lighting solutions amplify the beauty of your landscapes even after sundown. Trust in Green Oasis for impeccable landscaping services.
A professional from Green Oasis expertly maneuvering a lawn mower to impeccably trim grass in a vibrant, lush park, also specializing in pest control solutions, outdoor carpentry projects, outdoor lighting installations and premium landscaping services.

Commercial & Residential Mowing

Our technicians will take the time to address your needs and create a mowing schedule per your expectations and budget. Our standard mowing service includes the mulching of clippings, trimming, and blowing the debris from walks and drives. Bagged mowing can be added on request. We can mow weekly, biweekly, or create a custom schedule if needed. Having a special event or going on vacation? We can mow on request as well. Green Oasis crews will also leave a quality assurance report after each mowing so you can be assured of consistent service and beautiful results with each visit.

Sidewalk Edging

Revitalize your landscape by cleaning up the edging of your sidewalk, curb, or driveway. Overgrown grass, weeds, and soil commonly creep into these areas, an edging service will restore your lawn back to its natural state. The crisp, clean lines of a well maintained border enhance the features of your property for a satisfying look and feel.

A meticulously manicured lawn, by Green Oasis's expert lawn care service, highlights the concrete sidewalk edge beautifully on a sunny day. The zigzag shadow pattern dances on the vibrant green grass, adding a delightful aesthetic that compliments our landscaping prowess. Our outdoor carpentry and outdoor lighting solutions enhance the overall appeal of your outdoors while our integrated pest control methods ensure their continued zest. Trust in Green Oasis for your all-inclusive outdoor environment needs.

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